Who Are We?


An all-inclusive, all-in-one rehab centre /

We are an all-inclusive, all-in-one rehab centre catering for people with all abilities and disabilities. We have a passionate and dedicated team providing a wide range of allied health services including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, massage, dietetics, psychology, clinical pilates, personal training and martial arts classes. 


The Heroes Team

proud themselves on being...


The first to offer martial arts for children with disabilities /

These classes are designed to teach children self-confidence and discipline and improve strength, balance and coordination.  Embracing your unique superpower, in ways you may have never discovered before. 

Gym Equipments

A gym specifically designed for people of all ages and abilities /

We also have a gym specifically designed for people of all ages and abilities. The equipment has been specifically chosen to ensure our clients and gym members get a great workout that is tailored to their individual goals and needs. We provide personal training for anyone who wants extra support or an extra bit of motivation around the gym.  The gym space is open for use by both members of the gym and allied health patients. All our equipment and aspects of the centre are wheelchair-friendly.