PLAYBALL: The Smart Therapy Exercise Ball



  • PLAYBALL: The Smart Therapy Exercise Ball


    PLAYBALL is a breakthrough smart exercise and rehabilitation tool. PlayBall has been designed and made to make rehabilitation exercises more interactive and fun. PLAYBALL's smart, integrated sensors measure and track your performance (e.g force, motion and accuracy) allowing you to monitor your progress and manage rehabilitation programs.


    PLAYBALL utilises the PLAYWORK interactive recovery program, providing a world class experience and developing range of video game exercises that allow you to complete rehabilitation ball exercises while participating in a range of activties and recieving real-time visual feedback with the rehabilitation ball. PLAYBALL's algorithms also set new parameters for your exercises to keep you challenging yourself and progressing.


    PLAYBALL customises your rehabilitation and creates an even more engaging and efficient rehab experience. It suits a wide variety of rehabilitation settings including paediatrics, neurological conditions, spinal injuries, musculoskeletal and injury rehab and geriatrics. The PLAYBALL system even offers you a list of recommended ball workouts and allows you to work "freestyle" by inventing your own ball exercises.